Sharp - Aquos 8K


It was another perfect brief from an agency and one every production house would have lived. ECD Hwa of Dentsu gave us what was pretty much an open brief. "Do your magic guys and make it look spectacular." That was all the motivation we needed to get going. However, we were working on an extremely tight budget and even tighter schedule that there wasn't enough room to swing a cat. Our Art Director was Jo Tan was the first person we called in to bounce ideas off and off she went the very next day to research our collective ideas and also run some tests. We explore numerous ideas but was well aware of the limited resource and only one day we had to capture all images. We had a kaleidoscope of paints, hundreds of marbles, 50 slinkies flown in from china and airplane jet engine to build.... among other things. It was a marathon shoot but the results were well worth the effort the team put in. The clients loved the film so much .
HP Deskjet Adaptation - Director Version
The ELS Club (DIR Cut)
Bosch - We Help Make A Difference (DIR Cut)
Wyeth Pro Gold - Beda Anak Beda Pintarnya
Zahir has been slotting in a few commercials in between the work he is putting in for our first ever ...
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HP - From The Desk of Wak Dayok
HP - From The Desk of Samantha Lee
HP - From The Desk of Min Chen
100PLUS - Dahagakan Bola
    Expedia - Together Gether, Lagi Better
    Tenaga National - Non-Stop Lion Dance
    Audi - Chinese New Year Open Haus
    Wonda Coffee - Kopi Tarik
    Drypers - Our Baby Has Arrived
    Maggi Letup
    Maggi - Siti Banyak Tanya Directors Cut
    Telkomsel - TRUBEX
    BRAND A - Let Go
    McDonald's Champions Of Play Hands Off
    McDonalds - Mother's Day
    maggi cukup rasa
    EPSOM College
    Diplomats Of Drums - Dekat Je (dir cut)
    Nissan Hari Raya - Atuk
    Pulsar - Tomatino
    Brand A - Ball Of Yarn
    Bass Sekolah - Lighthouse
    Oskadon - Bayi
    Car Park - Cup Noodles
    Kopi Kapal Api
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