Maggi Letup


Director (Talent) - Cheong HH | Director (Food) - Kingvoon | Production House - Planet FIlms | Agency - Publicis Malaysia |
Maggi - Siti Banyak Tanya Directors Cut
Telkomsel - TRUBEX Director's Cut
BRAND A - Let Go
McDonald's Champions Of Play Hands Off
Feature Film
WE WANT TO MAKE FEATURE FILMS TOO. You could call this part of our lives a work in progress.  W ...
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McDonalds - Mother's Day
maggi cukup rasa
EPSOM College
Diplomats Of Drums - Dekat Je (dir cut)
    Nissan Hari Raya - Atuk
    Pulsar - Tomatino
    Brand A - Ball Of Yarn
    Bass Sekolah - Lighthouse
    Oskadon - Bayi
    Car Park - Cup Noodles
    Kopi Kapal Api
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