Director Madnuh




Madnuh whom we feel has great potential in the industry. Madnuh joined us for a short stint as an intern in 2012 and then went on to pursue his degree in film-making. A box he felt he needed to check before setting out foraging in the world wide mess.

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During his tenure at UITM he completed a couple of film projects and music videos. He was also contacted by an agency that repressed Uniqlo to work on several web films. Something he directed with his team of students. He came back to Planet with a degree under his hat and three years of anticipation and hunger. Since then Madnuh has been working on two separate projects. One if which is a public service campaign for SUKA, an organisation that assists victims of human trafficking.

Another project that is in the pipeline is a spec spot for instant cup noodles where Madnuh has collaborated with an award winning copywriter. The project is based on a rejected script that clients felt were to risqué but we thought was deliciously exciting. More on this soon.

Once we are sure Madnuh is ready to and well armed to face the boardroom battles we will be coming to knock on doors. In the meantime, watch this space.

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