FAROUK was kicked out of many different foster homes in Asia since the tender age of 3. He was born an autodidactic and taught himself to direct music videos at 11, shot a TV commercial for NIKE at 18 and is now planning to make a Science Fiction film about his personal experience with alien abduction.

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Farouk brings with him a wealth of experience garnered over 25 years as a director and creative director of Planet Films. Together with Perin they have made their mark as one of the premier film production companies in south east asia producing cutting edge commercial content.

Farouk currently works around the region with the ocassional jaunts in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His stylish body of work is a testament to the high standards he has set for the company.

These days he passes his time by making tin-pot hats for politicians in Asia and looking up at the stars at night hoping that someday, someone out there will tell him why he glows in the dark.

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