There are two periods that we remember quite well when Prinz joined planet. Ante Prinz…. Its Yes Boss! Ok Boss… No problem Boss. Post Prinz it became Yes Chief! Ok Chief… No problems Chief…

So… There’s a new old Chief in town and his name is Prinz Jones.

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Prinz joined Planet way back in 2006 where he hit the ground running as a PA/3rdAD/Casting director/GoGet … coffee, food, smokes…. whatever. You name it and he’s done it.

After a couple of years Prinz decided to go forth into the wide world to seek fame and fortune and and sleep around with the competition.. and that he did and quite successfully too. He then frolicked with a bunch of beautiful women when he co-produced Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2. Hmm…Prinz has since worked with the top production houses in Malaysia and also explored the film industry in Indonesia for a period of time. Thru out his years as a freelancer, Prinz has worked with international directors & production houses such as Smugglers UK, Quad Productions, Great Guns Productions just to name a few as the list goes on.

After a long hiatus Prinz is now back at Planet and ready to take the helm. He’s hit the ground running again and together with Clover, they will oversee all matters regarding production for the company as well as work in the background for Pluto, when he’s not busy attending to a pretty successful Tattoo Parlor that he opened 2 years ago.

Call Prinz for a brief or a tattoo…. Or both.

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