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PLANET FILMS is now called ANOTHER PLANET. We can’t really disclose the reason that the change in name is really about about the tax man being hot on our heels. So... we’ve concocted another story that basically revolves around a revolution or shall we say evolution in the company. The founders of Planet have taken a backseat and another management team is in place. We didnt want to lose the name completely so we thought that Another Planet was befitting of a motley group of very different indivuals thrown together into a cauldron to make it work. And it appears to be working.

Besides, we like the raised eyebrows and strange looks when we introduce ourselves and say “Hi... we’re from another planet...”


Waaaaay back in ‘95 Perin and Farouk were bored with the confines of an old school approach to film in advertising. The industry was lacking fresh talent and there wasn’t a launching pad for new and exciting ones. They both decided that it was time to change the game and set out to create a company that would grow to become a gestation pod for new talent in the film industry. Within a year of it’s inception, Planet had 3 directors breaking new grounds. Within the next 5 years, Planet grew exponentially and had a stable of 8 directors specialising in different genres of work and was still training more. A paradigm shift happened in Malayia. A monopoly was broken and raw talent was being recognised as a valuable commodity.

The philosophy at planet was and still is to see people and situations not for what they are, but for what they can be. Today, we’re called Another Planet.
And we are still hunting and mentoring raw talent for the next generation of film makers. But this time we’re also looking for writers, editors, compositors, designers et al. The world is changing and so are we....


With our film FLY BY NIGHT film firmly under our belt as is makes the festival circuit we are currently developing a few more scripts for Film and Television. This was one of our initial objectives and even though it’s taken some time, we’ve finally done it! Two of our other directors Nadiah and Emir will also have their own films done and dusted by the middle of 2019. Watch this space


This has always been our bread and butter and will also continue to be our gestation space for raw talent. Our stable of multi-talented directors remain covers a wide range of genres to suit any script. Check out their current reels and archival can be provided upon request.


Three years ago we decided to make our foray into the digital sphere. As the media landscape keeps changing and getting more fragmented, we realise that we needed to be able to think and approach digital films in a different manner. It’s not really in our DNA to shift the way we work so THE PLUTO PROJECT was created to facilitate this medium. We have producers that are able to move light and fast and execute digital films and branded content much more efficiently. What make THE PLUTO PROJECT work even better is that we are able to also tap into ANOTHER PLANET’S stable of directors to execute digital content. This assures clients that the quality will be maintained for smaller projects. We now need to tell convince our directors that they won’t have the same expensive toys to play with in this sandbox.... haha!

We are also currently developing snackable content for streaming services.


This is a new division within planet’s digital team that will focus on lifestyle as well as fashion oriented films. We have recruited some exciting new talents as well as internationally established ones to run this division. Fashion films will play a much bigger role in social media and digital advertising as brand’s reach out to their consumers via the different platforms.

Our team consists of fashion Photographers as well as Fashion Stylists to cater to every genre. They can also be contracted for Photography, Fashion shows as well as travel. Hospitality and Lifestyle campaigns.

Prinz Jones

There are two periods that we remember quite well when Prinz joined planet. Ante Prinz…. Its Yes Boss! Ok Boss… No problem Boss. Post Prinz it became Yes Chief! Ok Chief… No problems Chief…

So… There’s a new old Chief in town and his name is Prinz Jones. Prinz joined Planet way back in 2006 where he hit the ground running as a PA/3rdAD/Casting director/GoGet … coffee, food, smokes…. whatever. You name it and he’s done it.

After a couple of years Prinz decided to go forth into the wide world to seek fame and fortune and and sleep around with the competition.. and that he did and quite successfully too. He then frolicked with a bunch of beautiful women when he co-produced Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2. Hmm…Prinz has since worked with the top production houses in Malaysia and also explored the film industry in Indonesia for a period of time.

After a long hiatus Prinz is now back at Planet and ready to take the helm. He’s hit the ground running again and together with Clover, they will oversee all matters regarding production for the company as well as work in the background for Pluto, when he’s not busy attending to a pretty successful Tattoo Parlor that he opened 4 years ago. Call Prinz for a brief or a tattoo…. Or both.”

Clover Ho

Clover started her career as a stylist and quickly moved into Line Producing and in early 2014, amongst many more TVC productions, Clover also produced a regional BOSCH campaign that was filmed in HCMC with Another Planet team. It was from this encounter that Another Planet director Farouk Aljoffery noticed Clover's potential.Her honesty, work ethic and passion for the job makes her an asset in the company and we look forward to her growing with us for many years to come.

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