Desmond Ng


Dana E-Wallet
Sosro 2018
Brand A - Manifesto
Wind Approved
Google - Surabaya, Indonesia
Nutrilon- Pledge

A voracious reader, obscure music aficionado, and part-time hobbyist painter, Desmond’s commercial work is directly shaped and moulded by his extensive love for literature, music, and art. He is our resident auteur and his showreel is a masterful demonstration of Desmond’s intrinsic ability to either apply the deftest of touches, or go sledgehammer subtle when it comes to creating commercials for his clients.

In an industry where even the format is impatient, Desmond likes to take his time (sometimes creating time when there is none) to patiently thinkthrough the concepts at hand, ingraining the essence of the brief / brand into the storytelling and execution of his work. He also has a talent at eliciting strong and believable performances from his talents, whether they are professionals or even non-actors. The results are quite unlike anything else on the market. Like the man himself, Desmond’s work defies the usual stereotypes, existing somewhere cerebral and emotional, all at the same time.


Banker turned film director

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