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Wonda Coffee - Hot Air Balloon
EPSOM College (Malaysia)
Guardian Raya 2017
Lipton Teh Tarik

Over his 15 years in production, Kubhaer has (mostly) seen it all, but is extremely aware that everything is changing (again). Hisshowreel skews towards the humorous and the theatrical, reflecting both his personality and previous life as a professional actor and writer. His performative past also helps him when working with both actors and non-actors; conjuring strong, believable, and often hilarious performances from his talents.

He never shies away from a challenge, happy to take complex projects head on, reaching completion and success thanks to strong, open collaboration with his agency and clients. His goal for 2019 is to start moving out of being pigeonholed, and pushing past his comfort zone to start taking on more baby and automotive boards. He’s currently improving his director-craft by working on his technical skills, and was recently certified as an Adobe Certified Associate in AfterEffects 2019.


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